Why I really needed to get this blog going…”Fish Guys”

“Made for the Extreme Filmmaker 48-Hour film contest, Fish Guys was shot and edited in 48 hours. Based on a true story, the video was shot in the Fish Collection at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.”

I forced Zee and Abby to watch this today.

The lady, Amy Earhart (apparently a relative of Amelia Earhart) is of the Stacey (Pink Five) fame from the Star Wars fan films; Trey Stokes made the fan film, erm, trilogy:

I stumbled on all this when Kevin pointed me to a Tierney Thys’ Ted Talks video link. She does a lovely job introducing the Sunfish.

You were saying…

Hey November, if I can figure out how to change the surrounding greys to the original cheery yellow, I’ll try. It’ll take me some time to tend to the trimmings. The “oldblog” and “blog” subdomain links have finally kicked but thanks for the alert anyway. I came back home to find the feed links made a smooth transition too.

Thanks mis_nomer for the thumbs up on the speed, what a relief for me too! Even posting was a pain before.

Hey Lekowala, unfortunately in order to import my old posts, I’d have to do some extensive “shot in the dark” tweaking. Time better spent cycling, as you would agree.

Saint Jack at HMV

Laurence sent me this photo on 27th December 2007.

The movie has a lovely panoramic view taken at Clifford Pier, Singapore in 1979. First thing that strikes you might be how different the buses look! Chua Ai Lin just posted an alert to the Singapore Heritage mailing list and added a note that included Ben Slater’s blog at: kindahot.blogspot.com.

Nice to know the DVD is available at HMV now. Easier than buying it from resellers at Amazon and having it posted back via VPost, like I did in 2006.

Saint Jack DVD at HMV