Saint Jack at HMV

Laurence sent me this photo on 27th December 2007.

The movie has a lovely panoramic view taken at Clifford Pier, Singapore in 1979. First thing that strikes you might be how different the buses look! Chua Ai Lin just posted an alert to the Singapore Heritage mailing list and added a note that included Ben Slater’s blog at:

Nice to know the DVD is available at HMV now. Easier than buying it from resellers at Amazon and having it posted back via VPost, like I did in 2006.

Saint Jack DVD at HMV

2 thoughts on “Saint Jack at HMV

  1. steady lah dude.. whats with the obsession with St Jack? I have fond memories of Bugis street too… back when I was in primary school, my family used to go there to visit the pasar malams and look at the pondans. Food was good and atmosphere was amazing. Good luck with this blog

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