Why not Blogger?

I experimented with WordPress for my Götheborg stint in December 2006 just to put it through its paces. I loved that I did not have to figure out the code for the umlaut then, but was otherwise not sure what the appeal was. Still I switched Raffles Museum News over to WordPress before handing over then reins in July 2007.

It took a cross-examination of Kenneth for me to figure that out that the deciding factor was the ability to add pages!

So when the NUS server was down on the morning of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore and I was sick and stuck at home, I decided to blog. But I knew I would need a page to reflect results as well. So I revved up coastalcleanup.wordpress.com on the morning of the cleanup (Sep 2007). That worked out really well.

So the same month, I transferred over the Toddycats blog – this will see the best use of pages eventually when each programme is reflected by its own page.

So what would my pages on this ‘ere blog be about?