Walter gives up shark’s fin after watching Sharkwater

One of my heritage and new media buddies, Walter Lim, who pens Cooler Insights announced last Friday that:

“As an Asian and a consumer of shark’s fin, I feel ashamed to be a part of the multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, if you think about it, much of the endangering of species like rhinos, tigers, bears, and whales are driven mostly by the food and purported medicinal uses in Asia.

I have made a silent pledge not to eat shark’s fins ever again. They are much better off swimming gracefully in the sea than in my soup bowl, and I don’t want to destroy the world for my son.”

Okay I didn’t see that coming!

Sharkwater was probably the most recent suggestion over time that has persuaded Walter to do this. So every little bit of effort along the way counts until a big push comes along. Ditto for most other issues.

At least half a decade ago (or was it even earlier) I remember Grant and Juggi conceptualising the the slaughter of the sharks at the wedding dinner scene, and later finding a volunteer to research the mercury accumulation issue in sharks that ACRES used. There is still a lot of awareness to raise about many issues and subsequent action to be conducted, but in response to posts like these, hope springs eternal.

Read Walter’s post and comments – you can subscribe to comments to keep up with the new remarks and replies. e.g. his mum-in-law’s view.

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One refuge remained, at least

I was introducing a friend this morning to a relatively safe cycling route to NUS campus from Sin Ming. It’s a longer route but goes through several peaceful havens. Except that lots of things have changed and the ride was not half as pleasant as I remembered it.

Ah, Singapore!

Kheam Hock Road to Bukit Timah Campus

But one refuge remained true to memory, an that was Kheam Hock Road – yup, the Bukit Brown cemetery. I used to love riding up the slope on cold nights and enjoying the cold air and pleasant night sounds.

I wish this refuge was safe from developers though.