One refuge remained, at least

I was introducing a friend this morning to a relatively safe cycling route to NUS campus from Sin Ming. It’s a longer route but goes through several peaceful havens. Except that lots of things have changed and the ride was not half as pleasant as I remembered it.

Ah, Singapore!

Kheam Hock Road to Bukit Timah Campus

But one refuge remained true to memory, an that was Kheam Hock Road – yup, the Bukit Brown cemetery. I used to love riding up the slope on cold nights and enjoying the cold air and pleasant night sounds.

I wish this refuge was safe from developers though.


3 thoughts on “One refuge remained, at least

  1. Man that’s so beautiful! I was just telling my wife today that we should try to join you one day on these rides… Maybe I will start first by dusting out the old bicycle (or getting a new one) and investing in some decent gear too.

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