National Stadium memories

Last July I went on a National Stadium farewell tour hosted by May and other friends at the Sport Museum. At the time Kenneth (who had attended an earlier public tour by May) had compiled the lovely series of articles featured in Today. In addition, there were several articles in the blogosphere and many photo albums. The depth and diversity of my own memories surprised me, let alone those of others. I shared all of this with May during the tour and she was excited that people had so many stories to share.

Being Friends of, we suggested we invite blog posts which could eventually be compiled and permanently hosted by the Sports Museum on their new webpage. The material could be drawn upon for the new museum when it re-opens. For once this wasn’t a mad rush and seemed like a feasible idea.

The Sports Museum staff eventually moved out to a location nearby and last December, May wrote me to catch up. I enthusiastically responded with a five section outline and we eventually decided to meet in the New Year. Kenneth served up a reminder and now I have to step up. Since’s NHB staff just finished their “media luncheon” yesterday, I suggested we all meet today at 9.30am.

So I’m going to hop on to bus number 16 at Orchard Road (Brash Basah – Nicoll Highway – Stadium Road/Walk/Crescent) and hope I find that warehouse-looking temporary office of theirs behind McDonald’s. You can see I’m a bit vague as to where exactly it is

If that meeting finishes in an hour or so, I will have time to prepare for my talk in the afternoon at SMU…on heritage. I think I should be suitably inspired.


3 thoughts on “National Stadium memories

  1. I happened to visit SSC in the afternoon. The temporary place looks nothing like a warehouse, and in fact I think it’s much nicer than there old premises at the stadium. Best thing is, they have some sports and game facilities in the office areas. I ended up spending an hour there playing table tennis.

  2. Yeah,she did say we’d be surprised.

    I saw the table-tennis tables, dart and carrom boards and the first mock-up plan of the National Stadium there. The open office setup was very nice, reminded me of the California Academy of Sciences’ temporary offices. Nice relaxed but expectant atmosphere too.

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