No, slippers aren’t suitable footwear for cycling, even on ECP

Ladybug and I RV’d with ND in ECP with his new foldable bike at about 4.30pm today. We were heading to Changi to meet the other Zendogs on a lame duck ride. ECP was incredibly crowded and active. It made for some tricky cycling but it was nice to see Singaporeans relaxing at the beach.

Along ECP, we found two girls sitting in the middle of the cycling track. When we received no answer to our casual query, we circled to examine them. Then we realised one of them was injured. In fact the kid was crying.

A quick look suggested her leg was not broken so we got to work. She was really mainly suffering from shock due to her fall and the sight of her deep cuts – nothing Brave Soldier and a bit of TLC could not handle. She flinched at the approach of the ointment but was reassured it would not be painful as the water that preceded it.

It was a tough way to learn that slippers are not suitable footwear, even for leisure cycling.

Eventually we left her to rest under the care of a blading instructor and his kakis who were hanging out at a nearby bench.

While moving the bikes to the side, getting the first-aid kit out of the saddle bag, etc., I received three genuine inquiries about her condition in seconds. My heart warmed to these cyclists and bladers. They had come to a halt, ready to help and moved off only after I reassured them.

I was glad I had my first aid kit and had maintained that one extra bottle of fresh water for such occasions. The kindly voices did the rest.

HV – RV – Nicoll Highway – ECP – Changi Coastal Road (part) – ECP – Changi – ECP: Dst 79.93km, Tms 4:29:16, Avs 17.8km/h, Mxs 32.0 km/h


One thought on “No, slippers aren’t suitable footwear for cycling, even on ECP

  1. Only these two kids?

    There are a whole lot of people cycling with slippers. Some even go barefooted! That girl in question was lucky.

    It would take many broken legs and a couple of foot amputations to get the message through.

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