Tooble for browsing and downloading YouTube videos

Found out about Tooble via ArsTechnica review of best indie software at MacWorld Expo 2008.

“Tooble is a straightforward app that allows you to browse and search YouTube videos, then download, convert, and add them to iTunes for your iPod or iPhone. Unsurprisingly designed by a few high school seniors, tooble in its current form is a free download, with a paid Pro version on its way that will include support for many other video sites.”

I paid for Tubesock earlier and it was helpful during last semester’s teaching. But Tooble allows you to browse YouTube for videos – and then download ’em!

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Pasir Panjang Heritage

I just switched the Pasir Panjang Heritage blog to Blogspot: – so glad I finaly sorted this out. Have more than few things to post there which I’ve put off.

Pasir Panjang Heritage

It used to be on the Habitatnews server (due to limitations with image hosting) but Blogger is faster now and I wanted some of the new template options, which is only possible when you host your blog on blogspot.

I do wish they’d provide templates with at least a 500 pixel width for text – that would allow embedding Flickr images more quickly as 500 pixels is one of Flickr’s default sizes – and that is convenient for MarsEdit too which can reference your Flickr account for recently uploaded images. Anyway I prefer a 500 pixel image to a miserable 400 pixel width image anyday. Grrr…

If I figured out how to widen the template (think I know but it looks like hard work), I’d shift this blog to Blogger in a jiffy! I hate the restrictions in WordPress which prevent me from messing up my sidebar but only inserting widgets they provide. I miss my Jaiku!

For some reason I am thinking of a dock in Beaufort, North Carolina. I must be tired.