Updating the Marine Biology blog

I’ve updated the LSM4261 Marine Biology module blog since the lecture on Nekton today. Tried to do it immediately after the lecture as usual, but had to help out with some interviews. Thankfully Joelle and Z were around to dig up some food from Ecolab to feed me with. Amazing what they could uncover, but I just needed a quick snack and topped it off with a slice of Cyn’s Christmas cake!

Swim with giant sunfish in the open ocean

Kevin chanced upon this lecture by Tierney Thys when he was viewing TED last December. He alerted me (thanks dude!) and I tucked it away in my del.icio.us links for use today. Tierney Thys makes an excellent presentation and touches on several aspects that we had discussed earlier. It was also a way to introduce the students to TED. Watch the video, you’ll find it fun and informative! [link].

I also added the welcome news from last year about the confirmation of South China Sea forays by the tropical Asian catfish, Pangasius krempfi – yes it is anadromous, like salmon! The researchers had to figure out a smart roundabout way to prove this and there are links to the story behind the paper in the post as well. [link]