Battle of Singapore (1942): Landings begin in the north-west

Each Chinese New Year, I find myself thinking about the events of 1942. On 8th February, after yet another a day of bombing, the landings began in the evening at the Battle of Sarimbun Beach.

At 8.30pm on February 8 [1942], Australian machine gunners opened fire on vessels carrying a first wave of 4,000 troops from the 5th and 18th Divisions towards Singapore island. The Japanese assaulted Sarimbun Beach, in the sector controlled by the Australian 22nd Brigade under Brigadier Harold Taylor.”

– Wikipedia: Battle of Singapore.

“Dispositions, 22nd Brigade, 10 p.m. 8th February” from Lionel Wigmore, 1957, Australia in the War of 1939–1945.
Volume IV – The Japanese Thrust, “Chapter 15 — Defence of Western Area” (1st ed.; Australian War Memorial, Canberra), p. 310. [pdf]

I came across this interesting slideshow of images from the time of the Battle of Singapore to present-day memorials, put together by “Crusader,” and another video with clips, some that were subsequently coloured, I think, including the one with the 1939 song, “We’ll meet again.” That has the bit with Cyril Wild tossing (or dropping?) the white flag on the way to the Ford Factory.


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