Rambling Librarian to speak in San Fran

One of my buddies, Ivan Chew, has been invited to speak to the Davis Forum at the University of San Francisco.

Davies Forum: “Digital Literacy,” 6:15-8 p.m., Feb. 14 [2008]. Fromm Hall. Speaker Ivan Chew heads the Adult & Young People’s Services (Public Libraries) of the National Library Board, Singapore. For more info, please call (415) 422-4895, email: emsmith2@usfca.edu, or visit:: usfca.edu/artsci/ug/davies_forum/. Open to the public – if you are in SF, you can drop in; it’ll be worth it.

Ivan Chew on University of San Francisco (USF) - USF Home
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Needless to say (if you know Ivan), he’s been fretting over the talk. its not easy to prepare for such a talk since ideas, actions and anecdotes are scattered in the mind. Especially since Ivan is an enthusiastic practioner and evagelist and not regularly lecturing the topic although he has chalked up a few related talks. However, for each, he agonises over preparation and then conducts a post-mortem with some of us as well as on his blog; so he has amplified the few experiences effectively.

Preparation is also a good exercise that forces consolidation and reflection. The final product bears it out – when he spoke to the Museum Roundtable, I enjoyed the session tremendously. It was clearly evident he had put in a significant amount of preparation and in the process, also formulated some new ideas.

If you want an idea of what he’s up to, Ivan is blogging a multi-post write up about the process. The honours class is very small one, which will be great for a discussion, and the query from Kelly, “a engaged student” is such an encouraging sign.

David Silver, who invited Ivan down to speak, is a co-director of The September Project – “connecting one library at a time”:

“The September Project is a grassroots effort to foster public events in all libraries in all countries in September. September Project events explore issues that matter–like peace, or freedom–and can include book displays, panel discussions, civic deliberations, film screenings, theatrical performances, community book readings, murals, kids’ art projects, and so much more. September Project events are free and organized locally.”