MBA evokes multiple photos on Keropokman’s photo a day

I was amused to see multiple shots of the MacBook Air on keropokman’s blog. He blogs from my part of the world in NUS and actually does post a photo a day, its mind boggling! In this post he has several views of the MacBook Air or MBA. It sure is interesting to look at in a familiar setting.

The main question on my mind really is – how long does the battery last? Spoilt after years of using a 4.5 hour battery on a 14.1″ iBook, the short life of my heat-generating MBP drove me crazy.

Right now the MBP feels like its down to less than an hour. Even if it dies I will hold out for the NewerTech battery which has been “coming soon” for months now.


5 thoughts on “MBA evokes multiple photos on Keropokman’s photo a day

  1. Handled the MBA in the Applestore in San Francisco. It’s as sexy as they say it is! Didn’t ask about heat or battery life though. Didn’t want to ask too many questions. Had to make myself put it down, repeat the price in my head, and walked away! lol

  2. From all the technical information and reviews I’ve read on the AirBook, this is one celebrated alpha project by Apple.

    Samsung had announced a 250GB SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) a few days ago. Slated for launch later this year, SSD drives are in early days yet. With all the potential in store, I’m looking forward to further developments on this front.

    Apple’s decision to build the AirBook on the thirteen inch form factor is the best choice compromise between screen size and portability. A few more revisions to come, I’m sure.

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