Unveiling the Department blog

I was asked to setup a blog for the department’s biodiversity group (a research focus) last year and eventually settled for WordPress after some consideration.

Here it is: nusbiodiversity.wordpress.com

The Biodiversity crew @ NUS

I reconstructed a bare minimum from the short emails that our group head, Navjot Sodhi, sends out to help us stay informed about each other. I spiced it up a little with an image or two. I really got to fix that image on the template though. Nice as it is, its not suitable for a group of tropical biodiversity researchers!

Now that the site is up with a feel of what it can be like, a contributor from each lab is being added; I already have four recruits – hopefully they will find that it is easy to post once there is news 🙂

Well, here goes another experiment…

The Blogs et al. page lists links to photo albums, news sites and blogs including field journals. The latter is peppered with most of my recent students. It’s something I afflict them with in addition to their work; a little bit of communication. Some write more than others, and its surprising how useful it has been.

Blogs et al. « The Biodiversity crew @ NUS

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