My old tie pin

This is a photos of my St. Andrew’s Junior College tie pin that I used in 1983-4. The college uniform was designed by the first batch of students and they threw in a tie to strangle generations that would come after them. So I wore a tie almost daily during term for two years and subsequently only wear one during convos.

We got used to them though – the biology students would tuck their ties in their shirts between the 2nd and 3rd buttons during dissections to prevent blood splatter. Securing the pin was a problem and I used to always get help from a literature buff I knew.

The junior college later reverted to using the secondary school badge in the 90’s to unite the school. SAJC physically moved back to Woodville to form the St. Andrew’s Village in 2005.

I met a bunch of JC-mates after 24 years and we used a facebook group to hold our photos. I took a quick shot of my old tie pin for the group page until a scan of a report card could be made.

2 thoughts on “My old tie pin

  1. I think I still have one of these in one of my boxes somewhere in the house. 🙂 And I think I’ve got the tie as well … with lots of liquid paper written words on the underside. Well, I’ve got the SAS tie as well.

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