Clocked 90km today

Actually the speedometer says 88.91km, how cruel.

Struggled awake at 5am, got the bicycle setup and headed down to Changi. Was expecting to be 15 mins late after getting lost somewhere around Rosyth Road when trying to find a shortcut, sp sped up and kept to the roads (Sat at 6 or 7am is empty and very safe).

Hooray, I saw Joelle glide in which meant I had shaved off 15 mins off the PCN time! We had both arrived at 7.30am in time to grab a quick breakfast. I wished Lekowala was there. He had picked up a pair of tyres from me last night but discovered a punctured tyre in the morning with no spare tubes – we made the mistake of not looking to see if we had new tubes stashed somewhere.

Well the two of us made our way back to Pasir Ris mangroves to join a colleage in order to introduce 400 students to the mangroves. We each had to relate a story we had cooked up 12 times at our stations. The 12 ten-minute sessions went well despite all three of us having not more than four hours sleep for some reason. The students seemed entertained and I am optimistic they will remember a few things from today; they’d better! I sacrificed content for delivery style. Well, we’ll see.

It was nice to see the ICCS Toddycats from Environmental Engineering amidst the faces today.

At 4.30pm, it was back to Changi Village for dinner with fellow Zendog NHQ who zipped down from Toa Payoh to ride back with us. We did the ECPCN (coastal park connector) back and it was a more more pleasant ride for the two on their way back, compared to a exhasuting, drizzly, dark ride they last took to the Toddycats gathering.

Then NHQ peeled off and it was the version 3 Marina route (modified after Ah Sheng and Dinesh) for Joelle and I. Her racer tyres held out well in some of the dicey parts and anyway she doesn’t hesitate.

She merged with the darkened end of Shenton Way and I turned into Cross street to battle meging roads, chaotic weaving cars and taxis and the worst of them all, uncles labouring on scarily unlit bicycles.

I’m happy survived my post-flu re-introductory ride. Of course it helped that I chickened out of the longer route back via Pasir Panjang and opted for River Valley chicken run instead.

Dst 88.91km, Tms 4:25:53, Avs 20.1, Mxs 43.0km/h. The first Changi run was avs 21km/h in 1:45.

Looks like I can think about donating blood soon.

Photos from the Pasir Panjang workshop

The RGS training for the Pasir Panjang workshop I conducted are finally up. Well Cheng Puay has been suffering from an eye infection, poor chap, so cannot tekan him.

Picasa Web Albums - Lim - Kent Ridge Bi...

You can see me clutching my Vicks cough mixture bottle – the tail end of my flu was petering out then. We were lucky with uneaten fruits that morning.

We hatched this idea during the Pasir Panjang Guides plant workshop which Cheng Puay was helping out in. Was pretty painless since he wrote up the proposal and I just had to turn up and teach.

Wonder what the ladies will do with the information. They are bound to be more creative in their delivery so I am looking forward to their version of the tour.

I’ll write the long story (eventually) on the Toddycats blog.