Photos from the Pasir Panjang workshop

The RGS training for the Pasir Panjang workshop I conducted are finally up. Well Cheng Puay has been suffering from an eye infection, poor chap, so cannot tekan him.

Picasa Web Albums - Lim - Kent Ridge Bi...

You can see me clutching my Vicks cough mixture bottle – the tail end of my flu was petering out then. We were lucky with uneaten fruits that morning.

We hatched this idea during the Pasir Panjang Guides plant workshop which Cheng Puay was helping out in. Was pretty painless since he wrote up the proposal and I just had to turn up and teach.

Wonder what the ladies will do with the information. They are bound to be more creative in their delivery so I am looking forward to their version of the tour.

I’ll write the long story (eventually) on the Toddycats blog.


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