m7.3 earthquake off western Sumatra, 4:36pm

Feeling giddy? USGS National Earthquake Information Center reports a 7.3 magnitude earthquake 160 km south-southwest of Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia in the Mentawai region at 08:36:35 UTC (1636hrs SST).

I don’t think I felt it although I’ve been a little light-headed; it was Alvin who SMS-ed me. I wonder if Adrian felt it – he has quite the record for alerting me to earthquakes. 24 people from Singapore have reported weak shaking.

See NEA’s webpage: Regional Earthquake Alert.


2 thoughts on “m7.3 earthquake off western Sumatra, 4:36pm

  1. I felt it! My friend IMed me to ask if I felt it and I said no at first. Then I realised the giddiness I felt was probably it. I really felt like puking! But then I again I was also on medication so…

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