NTU Bike Rally 2008 in June

The NTU Bike Rally is here again! This year it will be held on 1st June 2008 and my cycling kakis are already signing up.

This event by NTU Sports Club is easily the best round island cycling event in Singapore. It’s non-competitive, providing multiple rest points and a backdrop of safety measures to cope with event-cyclists who do not regularly cycle. This year they have decided to have two start points, one that will cover a shorter distance as the many weak cyclists will fade in the heat of the day.

Taking a break from the heat (2007)

In the process participants overcome mental obstacles about long distance cycling, they “discover” Singapore and get to meet some new friends!

If you are planning to go for your first long ride, check out my “Recipe for long rides”. The most important thing to do is to take one or two shorter rides (e.g. try the eastern park connector) before the event so your rear gets used to the saddle. Else its agonising!

See some of my blog posts and photos from previous years:

A seasoned Ladybug was singing Bohemian Rhapsody
by Sengkang-Punggol and surprisingly, was in tune! (2004)

17 thoughts on “NTU Bike Rally 2008 in June

  1. Woo! Cool! Bikerally is here again!

    One thing I always admire during bike rally is the bunch of roller bladers.. Really a fantastic group of people.

    Then you have all the other weird guys.. The choppers, foldable bikes, the crazy roadies, the recumbent..

    Heh Heh Heh!

  2. Hi Fergus,

    hmm..roller balders ruled out this year: Rule 2.8 (in bold some more) says “Only cycling alone is allowed during the event. Other activities, e.g. rollerblading, are strictly prohibited and participants who insist on pursuing these activities will not be entertained and be subsequently banned from participation.”

    Pity, some of my friends kept to the main pack the entire distance last year. Organisers probably have their reasons after last year’s event though, wonder what.

  3. Aie!!!


    Probably they wanted to provide safety cover, and some people were taking too long maybe.. Hmm.. maybe if the group is big enough.. can write in.. Oh well..

    Taking part??

  4. Yeah probably safety. Some of the NUS bladers were very fast (faster than some of us on bikes); the slower ones dropped out by Sengkang.

    I’m going with a few friends. Printed out forms, will send in cheque on Monday.

  5. Oh! I remember this one. A certain time ago, I crapped out after a few kilometers in my attempt!

    Having said that, those guys “taking a break from the heat” certainly look like beached whales.

  6. Hey you guys seem to know a thing or two about cycling in Singapore, and more specifically the bike rally (which i have just discovered and think is damn cool) – so whats the score ? anyone on any bike can turn up ? is there a map available anywhere ? does one have to be super fit ? hope you can answer my questions – thanks in advance. D

  7. Unfortunately, as posted above, rollerbladers are not allowed in the event this year. I think it’s due to the registration ‘fiasco’ last year.

    We had written in to them before the event, stating explicitly if we were allowed in the event. The reply was very positive (unusual to say the least). So my skating friends and I signed up for the event and paid the necessary registration fees.

    Then on the event morning, they said that they never said OK to us skating during the event, etc.

    It was only after a long discussion that they finally agreed to let us join the ‘ride’, except that we had to start at the back of the pack. As the ride progressed (along ECP), we moved up the pack and ended up at the front for the pack.

    So maybe this year, to prevent the same ‘discussion’ on the event morning, they stated explicitly that we are not allowed to participate. But then again, I still can’t see the logic behind the ‘ban’, if it can be proven that the skaters who asked to participate in the event are fully capable of taking care of themselves and handling the distance. You can’t imagine how much fun we have everytime we take part in the event.

    Maybe the feedback from the other cyclists should be sent to the organising committee, telling them you wonderful people do not mind us sharing the course, route, roads with all of you.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll have to ride in the event this year. See you all there. Miss riding with you guys (and gals)

    Daryl Chan
    Team SpeedVirus

  8. I believe no formal traning required if you are busy, but a regular weekend cyclist. I will be cycling there (about 10km +?) and back (10km +?) after the Endurance event.

    I completed my first 120km Round Island in mid Dec 2007, without training, so far so good?

  9. Yeah they way it is setup, if people struggle, they will look after them. But silly to suffer too much that day so advising my friends to ride a couple of times in May. I’m clocking at least 80km this Saturday to find my cycling legs again!

  10. Gosh after my late morning ride last Saturday, I got a good reminder that heat will be a significant limiting factor that day! I’d clock more time under the sun and dig out my camelpak.

  11. Yes road marshalls, but last year we called them road angels…just the ladies of course! Also last man and lead cyclists and your fellow riders prevent you from going off course.

  12. hi maybe i am at the wrong platform, pls pardon me, as i dont surf web, i am looking for some regular frens to cycle with me sat or sun, at ECP, that is the best place for me, male and female can apply of course.

  13. Hi,

    Any 1 going for bike rally 2008, start point at NTU staying in bukit panjang? Looking for some kaki to cycle along. Normal pace.

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