RICE 2008

Ivan, Thomas, Cheng Puay and I joined Adrian at RICE 2008. I met a few of Adrian’s kakis whom he had told me about as well as his entire biology team; a very nice bunch.

Meanwhile the Toddycats had setup a booth to capture the lunch time crowd.

The Biology Refugia trio of Cheng Puay, Adrian and I had a mini-seminar session in which CP finished in ten minutes (!!!) and Adrian reached new heights in digressions, incorporating a dream and a mer-dog. His colleagues say this is apparently a common occurrence. Many of the audience were familiar faces they went with the flow.

A very nice thing was Cheng Puay bumping into his former students so there were cheery voices wherever we went as they looked up their ‘old’ teacher.

We were hungry for more so we lads had out own debrief after. I thin we could have just have had our own symposium like we did last year at the Macaddict’s Biology Symposium. Trouble is, no one would have written an abstract!


3 thoughts on “RICE 2008

  1. What a blast. I really thought it was sneaky but good fun. I still can’t believe I actully did that mer-dog thing. I really grit my teeth before whipping out that drawing. I am stll giggling to myself everytime I think of the 10 min talk! Certainly a day to remember!

  2. This may not make sense to others but here goes: The 5 of us (we know who!) were like a virus cluster, drifting and meandering through the conference. Siva may wish to see Thomas and my presentations but now I’m wishing I could have seen the fabled 10-minute presentation and the mer-dog-fish-lion drawing… LOL

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