Second day of RICE 2008 – kakis blog

During tea time I saw Adrian playing host to one of the invited speakers and a bunch of others. He looked quite proper and all, seated where he was, so I sought out Thomas, Ivan and Cheng Puay instead.

CP and I were distracted by the surprisingly good chili but were soon summoned to the RCLF event to evaluate some proposals. Fong Keng of AVA was already there and we provided some fault-finding/devil’s advocate input on some proposals.

With Arian, there were four NUS Biology alumni in that room. Before we could roll up our sleeves, the session ended.

Once again we had our debrief until Ivan disappeared into some art room. While we left him to his leftright-brain shenanigans, CP and I batttled the rain and reluctant taxi drivers to head back to our woes.

Since then, some quick blog posts have appeared from

Waiting for Ivan’s next; he’ll probably have more than what the lot of us wrote, combined. You wait and see.

It was good spending time with the lads. Rejuvenating amidst the tide of things to do once I headed back to campus.

Ivan during the opening ceremony, when he was still paying attention.

One thought on “Second day of RICE 2008 – kakis blog

  1. You mean my “right-brained” shenanigans. Yes, I have more to say about the conference. Planning a series of posts, in fact. But feeling un-motivated to blog so will KIV for a few more days, heh.

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