Student consultation/Crunch time

Both Jen and I apparently invited student consultation by MSN on Monday. I provided Tuesday as well for MSN as well as face to face if wanted at the office for my class of 200. Still, we figured, if none consult us, we’d have each other to chat with!

Student research projects are due on 24 Mar 2008. “Spiderboy” spent an hour with me to figure out the main arguments before writing. Yesterday, the other three, “my peril” and her two juniors, met me with their first rough drafts. They were slaughtered amidst much humour. But even though I worked fast, it took five hours, from 4.30pm – 9.30pm.

Insect girl had me when I was warming up so she might have got away with too much. Need to take a closer look on the 2nd draft. As I faded later that night, it was the frog lady’s turn but I managed to eventually figure out how to deal with an index she had cooked up which had me stumped for quite awhile. “My peril”, however, bore the brunt of an energetic scrutiny – or as energetic an interrogation as I could conjure up that day. She’s planning to change the sequence (the senior lady has prerogative) in round two next week.

Then there are the hons students.

I hear coels.