Tweets from the NTU Bike Rally 2009

Via BackUpMy tweets:

Sat Mar 14

Sun 15 Mar

  • 04:34:29 – Looking for my knee guard. KX should be cycling down already, better look alive!
  • 05:25:13 – waiting for KX. No knee guard at cold storage. Will head down through Orchard Road, Nicoll Highway then ECP. –
  • 07:10:17 – off we go! –
  • 08:08:15 – Ecp 23.4kmh, 37min, 14km, labrador 22.1, 1.23, 30.79. Bananas are good breakfast! Lots of unsteady cyclists though. Good thing we are hea
  • 08:39:40 – started a tradition-newbies buy kopi. Labrador kopi shops gone so west coast mc’s. Route marshals freaked when we detoured so we said t …
  • 09:08:16 – finally we head off! Typical zendog break. Lots of cyclists with the blue event t-shirts greet us when we rejoin –
  • 09:55:56 – reached NTU.chatted with slow riders along the way. Scorching sun. 21.3kmh, 2:25, 51.54km. –
  • 11:10:54 – KRANJI Reservoir, 21.0, 3:14, 67.93km. Heat taking its toll, lots of riders by wayside due to cramps –
  • 12:07:05 – my gear wheel fell apart. Riding a rented bike, first one we pulled off the truck. NOW its a challenge! Fit all wrong and i am last rider
  • 15:02:29 – no low gear on the substitute bike and then came hills in Mandai and Yio Chu Kang! Rains poured, kept on but now freezing in Serangoon Stadium
  • 17:06:53 – ride abandoned. Brought my injured bike home. –
  • 17:32:05 – @gracechua NTU Bike Rally – saw the blue jerserys? They said, “serious Cyclist,” heh-heh
  • 17:33:19 – @john_larkin gear, yeah that sucked but I discovered the joys of riding a rented bike. Oh I meant agony!
  • 17:34:44 – @acroamatic yeah we were drenched, which I enjoyed but later visibility poor so abandoned ride. Eventually too late to continue.
  • 17:35:52 – @john_larkin thought of you and Kevin when climbing Mandai hills from last year when twitter did SMS a +65 no
  • 17:38:19 – @Singeo ‘Twas a challenge and I relished it! Definitely made the ride interesting!
  • 17:39:13 – @john_larkin yeah DEFINITELY!
  • 19:15:52 – Bike rack falls off Lekowala’s car on AYE returning the two ladies. Bikes escape mangling, no one hurt, phew! Lekowala disposed the rack.

Mon Mar 16

  • 23:00:26 – Bike problem yest – screws loosened on rear derailer, tension pulley dropped off, couldn’t find on road [for my bike savvy kakis who asked]

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