Avalanche of reports

I was stuck in the office for two days so animal behaviour students could get help if they were stuck with the blog assignment I set them on. No one came of course, hmph, so I assume they are all bloggin’ away happily. Some emails but non that were sent in the day, all from last night.

So I was imprisoned without lunch for two days. Luckily the lab saved me yesterday (lab meeting/lunch) and today I found cream crackers on a shelf there. The rats are not very active anymore it seems, so they leave things like that where I can find them, thankfully.

Though the day, a wide variety of people squeezed into my office at various times, somehow spacing themselves out, it was quite amazing.

When the dust settled though, I received a reminder of the two honours and five UROPs students brewing all this while – there are an avalanche of reports!

*clutch head*

The Good Friday weekend will help me chip away at those. But first some lectures, notes to write, an evaluation and the annual return to Mandai mangroves at night with Rittschof’s students from Duke.


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