NTU Bike Rally 2007 – SMS’ from the ride

SMS’ on 27 May 2007: Timings and remarks at rest points

  • Start at ECP, 7.45am-ish.
  • Labrador, ?8.45am – Dst 21.2km, Tms 1:03, Avs 19.9 km/h.
  • NTU, 9.47am – Burning hot sun! 42km, at NTU now. Next stop, Kranji. [Dst 42.93km, Tms 2:05, Avs 20.6 km/h, Mxs 35 km/h.]
  • Kranji, 11.17am – Reached Kranji, 58km. Rain cloud covered the sun, Phew! Wish I had activated my twitter account [Kevin starts posting to twitter]. 70km more to go. [Dst 57.82km, Tms 2:45:06, Avs 21.0 km/h, mxs 46.0 km/h]
  • Yishun, 12.46pm – At Yishun Stadium, special resupply by Kok Min Yee with a good lunch. Some students have dropped out. Heat came back. Ladybug hit by cramps, a bit of Deep Heat and recovered! I am holding out okay. These kids are half my age! [Dst 74.85km, Tms 3.35.56, Avs 20.8 km/h.]
  • Sengkang Sec, 2.02pm – 90km break pt. Had cramps since the 80km point. Eased off pace and nursed myself to this rest point. All that isotonic drinks better kick in. Passed Seletar, Punggol, Sengkang. Ground is baking! Must find my second wind, dont want to end up on the bus! NTU Sports Club provided a bus and lorry to ferry tired cyclists andd their bikes to the next rest point. [Dst 89.34km, Tms 4:24:38, Avs 20.3 km/h]
    • Had to loosen helmet, heat expansion! Poured water on helmet too. Just hit the park connector, will get cooler!
    • Changi and East Coast Parks at the edges are really serene.
  • Changi Beach Park, 4.20pm – Passed 100km mark, last leg. Changi coastal road. Student reporters sourcing stories! [See Nanyang Chronicle] Ladybug was dying during the last leg but made it! She had hopped on a dusty bike that morning and come along [Dst 108.09km, Tms 5:26:10, Avs 19.9 km/h]
  • East Coast Park, ~5.30pm, 123km – Cycling since 7am. Great job by the NTU undergrads! [Dst 122.94km, Tm 6:18:00, Avs 19.5km/h, Mxs 46 km/h]

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