Dan speaks to marine volunteers

Dan Ritttschof spoke to marine volunteers mainly about pheromones and sex in marine organisms. The responsive crowd had a good time with a lot of lovely stories delivered with wonderful pace. I realised too the influence he must have had on me, from more than a decade ago, for my bit on chemical communication in the animal behaviour class is easily the largest section under animal communication.

Seeing how he has decades of investigation, reading and teaching, it was as fun as I had expected it to be. He targetted delivery for the layman so it was a relaxing talk for the bunch who turned up after work.

Inter-tidal volunteers are resourceful and even at a seminar, so two brought loads of food so I abandoned my day-old coffee and cold sandwich.

After that we sat around chatting with Jon Siggurdsson and after Ladybug burnt the keys off Cyn’s keyboard, I learnt wee were heading to “far west coast” to makan. We dropped off the well fed speaker before heading home. That mood and conversation was reminiscent of the 90’s for me so it was very pleasant!

And Dan was happy he got to deliver a helpful towards more story-telling amongst his fellow shore-lovers!

Dan and aposematic food
Dan and his aposematic mee goreng! (Photo by Cynthia Lee)