In seconds, I Sherlock-ed stuff off eBay

Sherlock was all the rage in OS 8.5 in the late 90’s and survived to OS X, and now touts 10 default search channels including eBay.

I had forgotten all about it since web searches on good bandwidth are very fast these days, enough for me to discard many desktop tools that used to save my sanity in the days of the “World Wide Drip.”

The other day, though, I listed my application folder’s contents for some macnewbie friends and I saw Sherlock sitting there, all neglected. So I ran Sherlock and tried the eBay channel.

Now two commemorative books on the Duchess of Kent are on their way from the UK; the one about her Far East Tour I actually already have but want to circulate as second copy amongst the Pasir Panjang guides.They have to talk about her during the route from campus in February and July and the Far East Tour booklet helps us understand just why her visit to the army prompted a changing of the name of the ridge.

I sent the seller this page which she read. Its woefully outdated now that I look at it but there was enough for her to figure out why someone from Singapore would buy those books!

Looks like Sherlock can be dangerous in the wrong hands…

Meanwhile Kenneth has transcribed Mubin Sheppard’s article from The Straits Times from 1967. Good on yer, mate! I’d better Yesterday it once that server is back up…

Dry run with the UROPS students

The five undergraduate science research students in my care ran through their presentations with me; I was off-form due to the flu but still gave them enough feedback to polish up their presentations. I wished I had grilled them last week, and run through a revision 2 presentation before they meet their examiners.

Still, their examiners will give them feedback too. And there will be a reflection session for the lot with me after the exams. So I need not fear that they will not draw out the finer points of their experience. Else the experience is not maximised.

Also, they will have to share a watered done version with the public. After investing considerable time on a project, they do have something interesting to say about Chek Jawa, the fauna of Kent Ridge and specifics about the anurans, insects and spiders there.