pdflab combines and cut pdfs and jpegs

A paper I used in class today to elaborate about stress and hierarchies (Sapolsky, 2005) was the subject of a letter in another issue to which the author responded. I downloaded that pdf as well. Then later I downloaded a high-res image and annotated it.

So now I want to combine the two pdfs, remove the additional pages (the letter was buried amongst another three pages) and include the separate high-res jpeg image.

Well, its pdflab (donationware) to the rescue! It does all that and more and one sweep too.

E.g. the image below shows that I cut three pages out of a four page pdf.

New touched-up logo on Mac Meetup page

Thanks to LooseBrick, we have a larger, bolder logo for the mac meetup page. He did it up for the facebook page and at 197 pixels-wide, it fits nicely into the 200 pixel-wide sidebar.

it’s not a page we visit regularly except around a meetup, so on the rare occasions that we do, its nice to receive a shout out!

I like!

This is the old one:

9th Anniversary Mac Meetup

This is a good one for newbies as well – the flow of information exchange that beats the fastest broadband speeds. What I labour over in a multiple posts is exchanged in minutes at one of these sessions!

I did a quick roll call some weeks earlier to ensure some of my old kakis can make it. Its just over two weeks before the event now, so today I roll out the announcements to the blog, mailing lists (Me@n and macmeetup), and the fledgling facebook group. And then there is my blog, jaiku etc. Just to ensure the people who want to know find out.

See the Mac Meetup Singapore blog.

SKIM for pdf annotations

Skim is great for annotating pdfs!

Although I have not explored it again fully but it looks promising for use with my bank of supporting pdfs for lectures.

It also appears to bypass text copying locks – I tried it on a document whose text Preview could not copy. Skim was able to .