Is StreetMap coping?

Map of 14 Science Drive 4 (S) 117557

Unlike my switch to Google Earth/Maps last year as my primary reference, many bloggers out there have been lamenting about the shut down of I have been skimming my RSS feeds recently but it seems to be more than a few who are amiss. I guess they venture out to urban Singapore much more often than my reclusive self! Being internet-savvy, they’d probably reach for a keyboard sooner than a physical guide even if its sitting on the desk in front of them.

Virtual Map’s PR agency posted a comment that VM has come back online some features like the bus/mrt guide. However, no maps – SinGeo reported two days ago and I just checked. All you see is a light green glare where maps used to be.

So how is SLA’s StreetMap doing? I am sure I saw a blogpost earlier this morning declaring that the site was struggling with traffic [found it – Cobalt Paladin]. The site seemed responsive when I checked “14 Science Drive 4,” a relatively ulu part of Singapore. The environs seem well labelled too. But I don’t see a link to embed or point to the specific map.

So I just use plasq’s Skitch. It takes seconds to grab, annotate, post or attach. Wish Skitch was available to pc users too.

Google Earth has a clear set of images. University Hall is not constructed yet in its set though but everything is clear. I have been using Google Earth principally for nature areas with annotations.

Google Maps is sadly pathetic for this address. Talk about cloud cover!