A folder of pdfs

While wondering why the YEP site was down (its a pdf-manageement software) I recalled smart folders which I use quite often in Mail. The I stumbled on planetmike’s suggestion:

  1. On the Mac, in the Finder, create a new “Smart Folder” [File menu, New Smart Folder]).
  2. Set the “Kind” to be “PDF”
  3. Remove the second rule by clicking the minus on the left.
  4. In the top of the window, choose where to search, by default it will search your entire computer.
    • E.g. For desktop files only hit “Others” and added my desktop to the list, then I unchecked the “Computer” option. I hit “OK.”
  5. Then hit the “Save” button” and name the search something makes sense.
  6. Choose the option to save the search in the Sidebar.

In future searches, you can restrict the search to this pdf folder so it is useful for frenzied, repeated searches (i.e. during lecture preparation):

There was some chatter about using iTunes but I did not get it to work for me. I also have iView. YEP is a neat package designed for pdf but they do charge US$35 – enough to make you twitch. And if you are going interested in bibliographic management software, well, those are more costly. However, I tackle another round of lectures in August, and that means revisiting last year’s literature compilation and finding new (and old) ones. So YEP looks to be worth it, in combination with a sychronised folder.


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