Robina feels earthquake in Beijing

Alvin must not have access to a computer, SMSed to ask for earthquake data. Said “Robina freak out.”

I checked and SMS-ed over confirmation – USGS reports 7.5 scale earthquake with an epicentre in Eastern Sichuan, China (31.084°N, 103.267°E) at 2.28pm local time (UTC 6.28pm). Reuters reports office buildings sway in Beijing and Shanghai. Also felt in Bangkok and Hanoi.


  • 3.08pm: Robina felt giddy in their high-rise so Alvin’s brought them (and Sally the dog) over to the embassy which is a low rise building. People on the streets.
  • Channel News Asia reports the story here.
  • 3.12pm – Alvin posts.
  • Thousands dead, counts will rise unfortunately – reports at CNNBBC