Google Maps – Harbour Front now under clouds!

Google Maps has decided Harbour Front looks better under clouds, it seems.

I was viewing the webpage I setup some months ago for the International Museum Day. Registration begins now and I added a phone number and took a final look-see, just in case. Then I thought of updating the Google Map snapshot I had inserted there. Afterall, University Hall had improved dramatically.

Instead, all of Harbour Front is now under clouds! What’s happening Google? Argh!

Snapshot from months ago, when setting up the webpage, phew!

What’s with the improvement – comprehensive cloud cover?

Maybe its preparation for the haze. Like Paula Abdul’s “seeing the future,” Google Earth and Maps are predicting the happy state of affairs soon to be amongst us. Think the heat is bad? Wait until the haze comes. Apparently fires have begun in Indonesia and potentially ‘favourable’ south westerly winds in two weeks will make us miserable in Singapore. You HAVE been warned.

Sayonara La Nina, you might have wreaked havoc elsewhere, but you sure kept things cool and haze-free here!

When I said comprehensive, I meant it!

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