Xylo checks out the new washing machine

The boys are intrigued by the sounds of the new washing machine. Xylo’s the least afraid.

Apparently the Whirlpool front loader uses a third less water, two-thirds less electricity and is made of recyclable parts.

The delivery man, who failed to turn up the previous day, made an attempt to convince me I needed a new, $25 Italian-made tap to go since I now had a spanking new washing machine. “What’s wrong with the one I have?” He mumbled something about a leaking tap in future. I was too polite to snort and kept a close eye on him to ensure he did not cast some vodoo spell over my existing tap head – put that down to temple of Doom which I watched with my department kakis last night.

I will be giving him grief later over the transport bolts and the plastic spacer which he forgot to leave behind. After all, never know when I’d like to move.


2 thoughts on “Xylo checks out the new washing machine

  1. Xylo’s looking into how he can make soup with it.

    It is good that you bought a front-loader. Unlike top-loaders, which tear your clothes to shreds, front-loaders merely fold your clothes on top of each other during the wash cycle, subject your clothes to less wear and tear. You just have to make sure the cats don’t give themselves a rinse cycle.

    Don’t buy into the ‘made of recyclable parts’ nonsense. These are made to extract the most amount of profit from you. In the cookie-cutter world of low-end household appliances, margins are extremely slim.

    As for the voodoo-cursed tap and delivery man, there’s nothing that a hammer can’t fix. Don’t worry, you’re not moving anywhere anytime soon.

  2. Adorable cat! This machine should provide a good level of entertainment for them, and subsequently for you 🙂 And it’s true what the previous comment has written about the advantages of front loaders…clothes stay intact for much longer!

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