Preparation for NTU Bike Rally

The check list in my head:

  • Helmet, helmet rear light
  • Sunglasses ($12 King’s Safety Goggles from Changi Village)
  • Bike jersey (Toronto Bicycling Network, not the skeleton on a bike this time)
  • Gloves
  • Arm warmers
  • Bike pants – the padded Adidas from Hup Leong
  • Knee guard (going to need it!)
  • Socks – use the new burning yellow/red ones!
  • Ankle reflectors
  • Shoes
  • Handlebar – Speedometer, front light, wipe mirror, bell functioning, handphone (charging) in handphone pouch
  • Saddle pack – Crank Brothers pump, spare inner tube, bike puncture kit (there should be enough bike support but I could find myself stranded), Brave Soldier and some first aid, enough for bad wounds
  • Rear lights (two)
  • Chain maintenance
  • Water bottles (2 x 0.8L)
  • Camelpak (decided i needed this in case its hot despite abrasion) – 1.5L Nalgene bladder (only bladder I could find at Queensway), Gatorade powder (courtesy off Ladybug), Keys
  • Waterproof pouch (placed in Camelpak since am using it, not jersey)- Credit cards, ATM card, NRIC, Organ donor card, cash (waterproofing actually for handphone)
  • Deep heat (I will need copious amounts but I am almost out!) and sunblock lotion (alright, its called sunkiller)

Sleep and breakfast might be helpful too. Got to set my alarm for 4am and hope for good weather. Will to head out door by 4.45am for East Coast Park via Holland Road, Orchard Road and Nicoll Highway. Getting there and back should clock us 150km.

Meeting kakis by 6am. The crowd that heads out from ECP will include Ladybug, Joelle, Cat, and Chi. We will merry up with the shorter route participants (first time this has been introduced) which includes Kaixin, Jaswant and Min Yee.