Why I have not been using Google Maps for bike routes

There is a reason why I have not been using Google Maps directions for bike routes, heh-heh. Sure got into a mess with this!

Update – this came about because I was editing the reccomended route that Google Maps had provided. It is actually excellent to use with car routes but trying to adjust it for the intricasies of a cycling oute is silly. I got into more and more trouble and became all tangled up! For cycling routes, just use bikely.

Breakfast @ Changi

So its breakfast at Changi with some friends who have returned from the US; taking them for a lame duck ride from Changi to East Coast Park along the park connector.

But first we ride down in time to meet them for breakfast at 8am. Must remember to get out along Upper Serangoon Road via Flower Road. This leaves enough time to merge with traffic and filter and turn right into Tampines.

Naturally, it’s on Bikely.


Why I have a lens filter

The guys at Song Brothers filed the edges and managed to use a scissor’s blade inserted in the grooves to twist the filter out after 10 minutes, phew! The threads were thankfully undamaged even though the filter had sunk in after a hit. The cracked glass was recent, appearing after the Lim Chu Kang mangroves field trip last Saturday.

A filter is the first thing I ask for with a new SLR camera. Just think of that unscathed lens!