Teaching schedule next semester

Mr Bats checking out my teaching schedule for 2008/9 Semester I, which has just about been confirmed to be:

  • Mon 2-6pm: Lab 7 (LSM3251 Ecology practical; even weeks)
  • Tue 8-10am: LT20 (LSM3251 Ecology)
  • Tue 4-6pm: LT26 (LSM1103 Biodiversity)
  • Wed 10am-2pm: S2-0411 (LSM4261 Marine Biology)
  • Thu 10am – 12pm: LT20 (LSM3261 Zoology)
  • Thu 2-6pm: Lab 7 (LSM3261 Zoology practical; odd weeks)
  • Fri 2-6pm: Lab 7 (LSM1103 Biodiversity practical)

Back to Ubin this Saturday

Pedal Ubin and mangrove mudskipper recce this Saturday. And of course a chance to see some doggies! Hope the Green House is open so we can donate towards supplies to manage these strays like we have been trying to each quarter.

Will be cycling to Changi to catch the bumboat over.

But first, Pasir Ris tomorrow.