Problem mounting Adium 1.2.5 disk image?

Mac users favourite multi-client IM tool is Adium. One of the lads (YV Lee) in our macintosh list, ME@N, had problems mounting the Adium 1.2.5 disk image. He had tried many times and attempted a few suggestions some of us made but still no joy.

Last week I was in the middle of a coastal cleanup meeting and needed urgently to chat with Hua Qin in Qatar. So in the midst of that meeting I downloaded and installed Adium on my iBook 14.1″. It worked fine. But still no joy for YV Lee.

So another mean-er, Gil, suggested a mirror site at He “tried the Texas site and it worked.” Lee finally reported success and he noted that “the original Adium site has the download at 16MB while that of … [the] mirror site is 20.8MB.”

Curious, I checked the Adium disk image in my iBook which had worked and it was 20.8MB. When I tried to download Adium again this morning, I received the 16MB disk image instead – which could not mount.

So Adium has a corrupt v1.2.5 disk image amongst its mirrors. I was just lucky last week that when I need Adium in the middle of my meeting, I had hit the right download.

So if you have an Adium’s 1.2.5 disk image that will not mount, check that its size is 20.8 MB. If it isn’t, download it from Version Tracker will not work even though in indicates a 20.8MB file as it simply points to back to the Adium homepage.

In other news, Adium 1.3b2 is out for testing – it integrates your Facebook chat!