Bambino’s gone

Bambino’s is gone from the Faculty of Science canteen in NUS. It was the first of non-typical canteen fare in an NUS canteen and setup by a couple of SHATEC grads in the 90’s. It wasn’t the same when they sold off the stall. It became better known for its tasteless fare and we never could figure out how it survived for so long. If you were ever in a hurry before a tough field trip, though, it was a great stall for carbo-loading.

Well its gone and a steamed soup stall is in its place. Not for me so it was an anti-climax. In the meantime, the Japanese stall has changed.

You know I was really just trying out Imagewell


2 thoughts on “Bambino’s gone

  1. Imagewell looks like a great utility to process and upload photos on the fly.

    However no one could say that the pasta was flying off the shelves when Bambino’s was still there.

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