96th Blood Donation

A banner strung up at the centre indicated 14th June 2008 was World Blood Donor Day. I popped in and out very fast and surprised Jo who had seen my twitter just before she left for campus. It was quick because I have been back to whole blood for a few years since I stopped immersing myself in regional forests. Anyway, whole blood donation is the preferred donation for ‘O’ group donors.

To know which type of donation is preferred, you just have to check HSA’s “What’s Needed Now” webpage

Blood group ‘O’ stocks are low right now – just see the Donorweb graphics.

They revamped the HSA pages again so I updated my links at blood.sivasothi.com.

Meanwhile I did a quick search for recent news in the papers and blogs and saw some pleasant news – Oi Yee was featured in The New Paper for her Champion Donor award -will forward to Toddycats and our briskwalk kakis!

Finally for Jo and Ladybug – A list of iron rich foods!