Alternative route to Loyang Avenue

We always enjoy huffing and puffing up the Pasir Ris Drive 3 slop along the safe park connector and then whizzing down Loyang Avenue especially when the lights are in our favour! Still, I am curious about this alternative. Part of the joy of a leisure ride is in exploring alternative routes, enjoying the scenery and examining the activity in the area.

Here, it appears possible to get to Loyang Avenue via the industrial estate, emerging at Loyang Lane. It might not be faster or more scenic but does avoid the noisy and dusty Loyang Avenue intersection and the Loyang Lane intersection which is less than safe. I have seen paths in the area so the foot traffic already uses the route. It’s a busy footpath so it’s have to be wide enough to prevent interference with the pedestrians before I’d want to use it.

Grabbed image with Skitch.

“Anyone who can email can now blog”

I have been experimenting with Posterous. It has a simple clean interface now and I like it!

With Posterous, you can simply email to register, and blog. Picture attachments can get resized or organised into a gallery while mp3s are embedded with a player. Comments can be managed entirely by email – i.e. when someone posts a comment that you want to respond to, just reply that email notification!

Take a look at my Posterous page and this post from Kenneth Pinto that explains more.