So that’s where I was! (Ride to Sengkang)

In the darkness, I wondered why the Punggol River park connector suddenly ended and before I knew it I was on a gravel bund. So I turned back and found an unlit track with my 5-LED light that I switched to non-blinking mode. The overgrown vegetation around the trail made it especially fun but it was a very short bit that led to the end of Upper Serangoon Road.

Thanks to Google Earth, I now know where I was exactly. I wonder if the bund is actually cyclable. Must ask Adrian.

I had cycled down to Sengkang for a FOYers gathering. Peak hour cycling is no fun, too must dust. A mask I was trying out came apart in Bishan due to rough handling, I guess. Returning on a Friday late night is also no fun; lots of aggressive driving and the suspicion of less than sober performances. So I stuck to my safer routes and ignored the lure of the wide roads. I crawled next to pedestrians in a few instances even if it ruined my average speed stats. I was safe.

The cemeteries along the route were my friends though – cool air and peaceful sounds. The dead are protecting the living. Pity we can;t protect them right back – time is apparently running out for places like Bukit Brown, sigh.

I plotted my route on Bikely in advance of course, so I was able to navigate and recover my position when I took a wrong turn into the depths of Sengkang!

Holland Village – Sengkang return: Dst 50.62km, Tms 2:41:53, Avs 18.7km/h, Mxs 45.5km/h.


One thought on “So that’s where I was! (Ride to Sengkang)

  1. okay, now I figured out where you were. The bund is made of those big rocks cemented together, like the breakwaters at East Coast Park. I do the same thing as you and cut across the grassy path when I return from the Changi cycle. Yup the path does end abruptly.

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