More points for Google Earth

Every time I download Google Earth on a new computer, I grab Lion City ver 4.20 by Google Earth community user chionh. That plot/compilation of placemarks is dated 22 Jul 2007.

Then Singeo made his appearance in November 2006 and has since contributed lots of useful mashups and points.

The recent embedding of Google Maps into NParks webpages was a welcome move and I am hoping was just the first phase in time for the new look. It has a lot of potential to encourage geographic familiarisation and the use of maps. I like to encourage the use of maps for when I do use print maps in my workshops, many Singaporeans are at a loss to place even Pulau Ubin.

I’ve sent in some suggestions and in the meantime, am using some work arounds to import this data into my laptop’s copy of Google Earth:

  1. Park Connector Networks – Singeo provides Google Maps/Earth derivations” – Cycling in Singapore.
  2. How to derive Google Maps links from NParks’ new website