6 thoughts on “Changi, Singapore River, Tiger Balm (Garden), colour film footage from 1960

  1. Yeah, what a find! Who’d imagine that a publicity video made in the 60s would become a heritage film now. I don’t know about younger people who watch this but I found a new-found pride in how far Singapore has progressed. And greater connections with the places shown and mentioned in the film. Now they don’t appear as places but heritage sites to me! lol

  2. Wow I’m old ….actually remember some of them….esp the Tiger Balm garden….think the old one was much better than the latter….no wonder its close now. Some old stuff is better left unchanged. Else the rest of the progress is really quite remarkable.

  3. Oh my, these filmlets of Changi Singapore are a revalelation to me.
    I was posted there in 1960/62. I was an RAF “bandsman” (musician) It was one the most fantastic times in my life,the band travelled all over the Far East – Hongkong Borneo KL Panang Gan/Maldives.We played the ceremony/parade for the handing over from the British, and that day the country became Malaysia. The memories came flooding back,what a wonderful place and lovely people.Thank you for posting these treasures. TheGeoffer1

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of history and memories….

    The skyline around Lido theater was just sky……and nothing else…How things have changed

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