Podcast by email (Posterous)

I’ve been giving Posterous a whirl at otterman.posterous.com. I am doing this mainly to suggest this tool to tech-challenged users but its proving to be a definite challenge this WordPress account. After coming back from Pulau Tioman, I conducted a workshop for some of the Sungei Buloh staff. In the midst of demonstrating emailing (posting) multiple photos, I discovered that while I had been away, a new feature had been introduced – one click to download the entire photo album. Very useful!

And those Posterous cats still aren’t snoozing. The lads have just introduced podcast by email – see their latest post. Posterous is getting better by the day and its fun to be on this journey.

Meanwhile since, Buloh staff are trying it for SWAP and Cheng Puay’s students are trying it for
their Callophylum ferrugineum project.


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