Olivia Ong’s a capella rendition of Majulah Singapura (2004)

I wrote about this in 2006 after an enthusiastic post by Ivan Chew [link]. At the time I had not heard of Olivia Ong but my Toddycats knew and a couple of them and myself bought her albums. An album is still in my handphone and keeps getting played by accident in all sorts of situations!

The relatively long blog post got cited and expanded on by one of our Wiki authors in the entry for Majulah Singapura under the “Use of the national anthems: Occasions” section.

Subsequently the video clip that Ivan and I had linked to in YouTube was removed (due to “terms of use violation”) but another clip surfaced in 16 February 2007. So here you go:

Olivia Ong sang at UCC, NUS in December 2006 [I was on the ship] and my kakis Kenneth and LeafMonkey went for the show.

She is apparently back in Singapore performing with the Olivia Ong Quintet. Second-lifer Rinaz chanced upon her at the Esplanade in Mar and Boon Yang caught her at Dhoby Ghaut in June.

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