Battered newbie cyclist

skitched-20080904-192852.jpgI was quite alarmed to see the battered leg of one of my kakis. It’s the third time in a short time that she has come off worse after picking up off-road cycling. Or trying to pick up, more like it. She’s now asked me to order lots of Brave Soldier the next time I do purchasing, which is not a good sign!

Apparently she thinks more falls are in store ahed of her. I’ve asked her to consider going for the Dirtraction Bike Clinic. When I started off-road mountain biking frequently, I attended a bike clinic myself and found it useful because it was structured and comprehensive. When I posted “Advice to newbie MTB riders” after teaching others, I suggested the clinics for acquiring a foundation.

There is the more painful way and the less painful way. Still, I admire her gung-ho spirit and she’s not complaining.


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