Beethoven Symphony No. 7

This has been running in my head again since watching Tarsem’s The Fall:

I could not find my mp3s, so I went to the web to listen and it’s been playing in the background this morning.
I grew up with Karajan so glad YouTube turned up this clip with him at the baton.

Hmm..I thought my office mac had all my music, but apparently not. Have to go excavate my box of CDs from home!

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One thought on “Beethoven Symphony No. 7

  1. Thanks for your recommendations on Tarsem’s The Fall.
    As for Beethoven’s 7th symphony, my favourite movements would be the second, third and fourth of this Symphony. I would like the first movement too if I had listened to it when I have adequate rest. The first movement builds a climax gradually, and it is quite stimulating intellectually to hear how the climax is being built.
    I like this recording of Beethoven’s 7th.

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