Google 2001 search – web2.0 explodes

Updating my NUS ecology blog, I came across Kenneth’s post in which he reports a 2001 Google search result for CIT. The search was resuscitated in celebration of Google’s 10th anniversary with internet archive links to the old webpages. Curious, I did a quick search with my name (it’s called a vanity search) – 2001 versus 2008.

2001 was not a long time ago – I was already immersed in mangroves, cycling in Pulau Ubin, posting to the Habitatnews mailing list, etc.

Still there was a big difference – apart from the the 19,000+ increase in results. A whole bunch of web 2.0 sites that have appeared since 2001 – flickr, twitter, jaiku, blogger, technorati, pownce, librarything, bikely, slideshare, plaxo, magnolia, vimeo, scribd, wiki, wordpress! What a big contribution all these sites (and more) have made to my web use.

There are other things to look for further some other day. I did have a kick out of seeing an old Habitatnews webpage advert (map and all) for a talk I was giving on the eve of the 2000 National Day – I recall the the audience sat on the carpeted floor of the yet to be assembled Public Gallery. And I remember us all going off to Holland Village later to makan.

It was a fun talk that I must give again some day.