Donorweb revamped!

The good folk at DonorWeb have revamped their webpage and it has an even more attractive and clear front page now.

The blog is peppered with original Youtube videos and I found the Blood donation excuses funny. I’ve head it all and like the advert never indulge in a hard sell. The advert is mild and ends with a “just do it” sort of message with one of the Champion Donors. No spoken words in all of its 47s (there is a shorter 32s version).

There are also some new IT tools such as the enhanced donorweb bloodmobiles calendar (using GCal). It really makes it easy for you to pick a bloodmobile location and date and find yourself in Google Maps, ready to get directions to the site. The pledge uses Google Docs so its also another example of good use of these free tools by the DonorWeb volunteers, who are IT geeks of the highest order!

Entries are also being contributed by members of the Blood Donor Recruitment Programme, Singapore Red Cross – this is indicated in their blog userids which is a smart idea! Hence there is better coverage of Learning Journey tours by school visits – with some posts by the students themselves!

Looks like this nice and long-term collaboration between volunteers (, Red Cross Staff and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) just got better!


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