Bean – a free rich text editor for the Mac

I love text editors for their simplicity compared to word processors. Often I simply need to get that text down without the fuss and bother of something complex like Pages or Word. Text Editors are itsy-bitsy apps that fire up really quickly and almost never crash. So they are efficient, and still work well on really old or aging macs like my 12.1″ iBook from 2002.

My current text editor of choice is TextWrangler, a great free plain text editor from Bare Bones Software that coders use due to several features like syntax highlighting and writing to server files directly. It’s great for me to maintain Habitatnews and the many other webpages I manage. And without using webpage generating software. So I am quick in and out. If I need to tidy up, its a quick cut and paste into Pages or Word for formatting.

There have been times when I have wished for the bare bones Text Wrangler to have a little bit of functionality for my writing. Then I read about Bean ( ) in the recent edition of MacWorld.

Bean calls itself a rich text editor and is open source and free of charge as well. I’ll be taking Bean for a spin. It can export to html, pdf and doc formats, albeit with some limitations.

Bean may prove to be a boon for my writing needs. And I just love that coffee cup icon!


2 thoughts on “Bean – a free rich text editor for the Mac

  1. BBEdit quite a cheem tool, dude, TextWrangler is lighter than the Lite! Programming tools different from a text editor . Actually nothing wrong with Textedit, just that I needed to write to servers so I got hooked on TextWrangler which they then decided to give away free.

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