Singapore Postal Codes on Google Maps

SinGeo alerted us that Singapore postal codes are now supported on Google Maps.

I tried “singapore 119077” – NUS’ address since its right next to my department and here is what I got:

Some other addresses were slightly off. Try it out yourself and report your results to SinGeo.

This use of postal codes is a great new shortcut—I can myself requesting friends to include postal codes in addresses they send me; previously it was moot. Now in NUS, the mail does not come to our doorstep nut is processed centrally so I think our department’s postal code is not listed in the Singapore Post directory – 117543 but that draws a blank.

Luckily we’re just next door to University Hall which 119077 zeroes in to, and its where we direct many visitors to as the location of the most important thing (Spinelli’s). You will also see my user-generated map listed in the sidebar. So 19077 is a number I am going to remember from now on.

Of course the big problem we have to sort out with Google is that Science Drives 3 and 4 are incorrectly labelled!

p.s. Gothere trumps Google Maps – e.g. see – all you have to do is add your postal code at the end.


2 thoughts on “Singapore Postal Codes on Google Maps

  1. Looks like you’ve got a fan all the way from Turkey!

    Hoş geldiniz! Sen ve bu mükemmel blogu bulundu yaratıcısının olduğunu ve okumaktan zevk umuyor sevindim.

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